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Saron (also known as ricik) is one of the gamelan instruments including balungan family.

In one set of gamelan usually have 4 saron, and all have versions pelog and slendro. Saron produce a tone an octave higher than demung, with a physical size smaller. Hit the saron usually made of wood, with a shape like a hammer.

There is a way ordinary menabuhnya appropriate tone, a tone that yields, or alternately beat between saron saron 1 and 2. Slow and fast hard penabuhan weak depending on the command of the drum and the type gendhingnya. In Gangsaran piece describing the condition of war for example, ricik struck hard and fast. In a nuanced piece of military Gati, beating ricik slow but hard. When accompanying the song struck softly.

In saron play, hitting the right hand wilahan / sheet metal with percussion, then the left hand punch that struck the previous wilahan to eliminate the hum from the beating that left the previous tone. This technique is called memathet (basic words: pathet = squeeze)

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