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Lute is a stringed musical instrument like a mandolin from the Middle East. At least 3-stringed lute attached to at most 12 strings. Lute played with a drum accompaniment. An orchestra using the main instrument of the orchestra called lute lute or lute called it. In TVRI and RRI, the orchestra has hosted lute desert rhythms.

Lute to accompany dance orchestra entirely Zapin brought him to dance socially. Rhythmic songs that brought the Middle East. While the lyrics are religious themes. Instrument consists of violin, drums, tabla and flute. Today, the orchestra lute belongs Betawi people and many in the party invited circumcision and marriage. Arabic lyrics, it could be prayer or peace. Pilot orchestra is Syech Albar lute, his father Ahmad Albar, and the famous orchestra El-Surayya lute from Medan leader Ahmad Baqi.

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