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Calung is a Sundanese musical instrument is a prototype (prototype) of angklung. Unlike the angklung played by shaken, how to beat calung is mepukul stem (wilahan, bar) of segments (bamboo tube), composed by titi barrel (scales) pentatonic (da-mi-na-ti-la) . Types of bamboo for making most of awi calung wulung (black bamboo), but some are made from awi temen (white bamboo).

Understanding calung than as a musical instrument is also attached with the term performance art. There are two forms of Sundanese calung known, namely calung calung chain and portab
Calung chain .

Calung dideretkan tube bar chain with a leather strap hibiscus (lulub) from the largest to the smallest, in number 7 wilahan (bamboo 7) or more. Composition of the instrument there is a row and there is also a two-row (calung ovarian and calung child / calung rincik). How to play the chain calung hit with both hands as he sat bersilah, usually calung is tied to a tree or a cubicle house (calung Banjaran chain-Bandung), have also made shelf "cradle" of special bamboo / wood, for example in Cibalong tarawangsa calung and Cipatujah , Tasikmalaya, calung chain in Banjaran and Baduy / Baduy.

Calung Jingjing

The carry-shaped rows calung pitched bamboo held together with a small piece of bamboo (paniir). Calung tote of four or five fruits, such as calung kingking (consisting of 12 bamboo tubes), calung panepas (5 / 3 and 2 bamboo tubes), calung jongjrong (5 / 3 and 2 bamboo tubes), and calung barking (2 tubes bamboo). Calung completeness in its development today there are only using one kingking calung, and panempas calung two barking one, without using jongjrong calung hit with a way to play it using the right hand bat, and his left hand carrying / holding the instrument. While other inter menabuhnya techniques dimelodi, dikeleter, dikemprang, dikempyung, diraeh, dirincik, dirangkep (diracek), salancar, corkscrew and solorok.


Type calung now developed and known in general that is calung portable. Calung tote is the kind of instruments that have been long known by the Sundanese people, such as the Sundanese community in Sindang heula - Brebes, Central Java, and could be the development of chain calung form. But in West Java, this art form was pioneered in popularity as students from Padjadjaran University (UNPAD) incorporated in the Department of Arts Student Council (Art Institute UNPAD) to develop this form of calung through his creativity in 1961. According to one of the pioneering, ekik Barkah, that pengkemasan calung tote with performances inspired by the performances of reog game that combines elements of percussion, movement and music combined. Then in 1963 the form of the game and hit the drum again calung further developed by the fellows of Studiklub Teater Bandung (STB; Sumaamijaya Koswara et al), and between the years 1964 to 1965 more socialized calung again by friends in UNPAD as performance art that is entertainment and information (extension (Oman Suparman, he Ruchiyat, Eppi K., Enip Sukanda, Edi, Zahir, and friends), and group calung SMAN 4 Bandung (Abdurohman et al). then emerged calung groups in society Bandung, for example Layung Sari, Ria Buana, and Glamorous (1970) and others, up to today's emerging role model names calung players including Tajudin Nirwan, Odo, Uko Hendarto, Adang Cengos, and Hendarso.

Calung artistic development so rapidly in West Java, so there is the addition of several instruments in calung, for example kosrek, kacapi, piul (violin) and some even complete with keyboard and guitar. Vocal elements become very dominant, so many famous calung emerging vocalists, such as Cengos Adang, and Hendarso.

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