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Gendang Karo

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Drum or drum karo dalinen five of the device consists of five percussion instruments (percussion) played by five musicians. The fifth device is a penaruné, two penggual, and two shy of the gong. Five sedalanen drum ensemble music called because it consists of five instruments, namely sarune (aerofon), drum ovary (membranophone), drum children (mebranofon, gung, and penganak. But is often called the drum five sedalanen, ranggutna sepulu two, namely the number twelve for the counting devices used in whole, including sticks or instruments musical instrument is struck.

If classified according to the music ensemble, drum Karo actually consists of five drum and drum sedalanen telu sedalanen. Sedalanen telu drum is composed of three musical instruments played together, which consists of kulcapi (long neck lute) as the bearer of melody, keteng-keteng (idiokordofon, tube-zhyter) as a rhythmic anchor, and a bowl mbentar (idiofon) as a carrier due .

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