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Rebana is a name that is used for several types of drums that are used in Islamic devotional music such as zikir, dance music, and other types of traditional Malay song and in dance Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore. It typically has a resonant sound reminiscent of the Middle Eastern tanbur and is often used to keep the beat in a manner similar to the way the tanbour is used in Middle Eastern music. Malay Rebana are different from the javanese drum or "Kendang". Rebana may only have one face to hit while Javanese Kendang may have two face.

There are many type of rebana, the biggest rebana known is Rebana Ubi. Rebana Ubi are widely use by the Malay people in East Coast Malaysia such Kelantan or Terengganu. This type of rebana is the only rebana have a decorative pattern on the body and the face.Smaller rebana also known as Kompang is widely use by Malay people when celebrating the bride and groom in a wedding ceremony.In state of Johore, a type of Rebana known as Rebana Hadrah. Meanwhile in Sumatra, Malay and Minang people also use rebana in many native dance.

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