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Gendrum is a hybrid instrument between the drum and the drum designed by Siswo Harsono in 1992. Musical instruments are usually applied in the arts Gambang Semarang and can also be applied in other arts such as Jaipongan, campursari, or dangdut. Gendrum consists of a jaipong drums, a drum stick, two ketipung (panepak), two ketibung (ketipung large), a pair of bongo, cowbells, bass drum, cymbals and a set consisting of a ride, crash, splash, and china.

Gendrum a set of percussion played by a player gendrum (gendrumer), and not by a group of percussion players. Percussion combination contained in the device as a united gendrum already tuned harmony as necessary. Techniques applied by the game Harsono Siswo called "slap campursari". Campursari slap-style game Siswo Harsono diverse game that combines slap jaipong drums, bongo, drums, and cymbals. Campursari Masjid was applied by Siswo Harsono in the development of Gambang Semarang art done by the Faculty of Letters, Diponegoro University, Semarang.

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